Broken Brain: The Must-Watch Docuseries

I had planned to discuss a topic directly related to goalies, but I started watching this documentary and it started blowing my mind with the information shared so I felt obligated to pass it along as it is free for a short time. Click here and you can sign up to get the videos! 

On a recent Instagram post I discussed how much nutrition can affect your sports performance, but what I’m learning is that it affects WAY more than that. Personally, I’ve experienced what the doctors discuss where you go into a doctor’s office and say you have a problem and they keep giving you new or different medications to try to solve the problem instead of asking more questions to try to find out possible roots of the problem.

Dr. Mark Hyman runs the series but many others contribute, and he said nutrition is the most important fundamental thing driving brain disorders.

As someone that suffers from a brain disorder, this directly influences me, but I think it has application to help everyone!

So what have I been learning so far that might make you want to watch?

Seratonin is a hormone that controls your sense of mood, if this is low, people have a hard time finding things that bring them joy (might not be depressed necessarily, more so that nothing excites them). I had no idea that 90% of serotonin is produced in your stomach.

Bacteria in your gut produce serotonin and dopamine and send signals to the brain. Messenger molecules send messages to stress system and bacteria send messages to gut cells. There is an interconnection with bacteria, your brain, gut cells, and we can’t separate them.

Anxiety is symptom of stress. Mental illness in largest frame is symptoms going on and your body reacting as an alert. Your body is physically telling you there’s something you need to do, and it is intolerable. You can see the connection with your gut in those bodily responses. For example, when you’re anxious (happens to me too) your stomach tightens, or in severe cases even throw up. Perception of the brain is to drive a bodily response.

What affects the gut? 

In what the doctors were calling the Standard American Diet, people are consuming too much food without enough actual nutrients.

Nutritional deficiency is a huge problem, and I had no idea that there are actually more nutrients inside our cells than in our blood and information on our nutrient levels from these are different. Normally we get our blood tested to find out about our nutritional health, but we should be more concerned with intracellular health. He describes another test you can do to get this, and wrote down to look that up. Trying to get this out stat so I'll follow up later on this! 

Sugar plays a huge role in this, because of how addictive it can be and how many people use sugar to extremes and in extreme quantities. I really liked this quote from one of the doctors, “you can have sugar without sugar having you”.

I also had no idea that foods can have delays on how it affects you. For example, you can eat something and feel anxiety 3 days later and have no idea that food was the trigger.

60% of immune system is under your gut, and the food is breaking down the barrier between, and interfering with our immune system. This leads to things like inflammation in our body which can result in a number of problems. 

I might not have everything exactly right as I was trying to take notes as fast as I could to post this, but I will say if not for performance reasons, I recommend to watch for your overall health. I’m very excited to watch and share what I learn! :) 

Each episode will go live at 6pm ET, and stay up for only 24 hours (afterwards you will have to purchase the episodes), so be sure to schedule accordingly.

The first episode is done, but here is the rest of the lineup:

(2) Gut Brain Connection: Getting to The Root of a Broken Brain (January 18) 
(3) Losing Your Mind (Alzheimer’s, Dementia and MS) (January 19)
(4) ADHD and Autism (January 20)
(5) Depression & Anxiety (January 21)
(6) Traumatic Brain Injury: Accidents, Sports and More (January 22)
(7) 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 1) (January 23)
(8) 7 Steps to An UltraMind (Part 2) (January 24)

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