LM Lax Training provides lacrosse and performance training for all.


A Crofton, MD native and Stanford University graduate, Lyndsey Munoz is providing lacrosse and performance training, video analysis & virtual coaching, player clinics, and coaches clinics in the Los Angeles, CA area. A goalie by nature, but knowledge and love for the entire game, Lyndsey can coach it all!


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Lyndsey thrives on passion and compassion. Passion for the sport, hard work, improvement, health, performance, and compassion for the players she coaches in their struggles, needs, and experiences to make coaching truly individual even in team settings. Lyndsey aims to push athletes to reach their potential on the field, while also pushing modes of recovery that lead to success on and off of it - like sleep, nutrition, hydration, and stress management. To learn more about Lyndsey and her journey, click here.

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