Blog is BACK! Topic: Recovering from Mistakes

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog, my apologies. There isn’t a real reason outside of well, the nature of life and getting too busy, letting other things take priority. BUT, I’m back, and aiming to write about topics that will help you the most so please keep sending in questions!

This first one I get asked about a lot. How does one recover from mistakes?

Goalie Spotlight: Lucy Lowe, Penn State

Lucy Lowe is a sophomore at Penn State this year hailing from Towson, MD with the intended major of nursing. She graduated from Notre Dame Prep in 2017 where she was selected as an all-conference selection as a senior. She also received the IAAM Character Coin award and played club lacrosse with Towson Lacrosse Club.

Keep reading to learn from Lucy to find out how she got to where she is today!

Goalie Spotlight: Kiley Keating, Towson

Kiley Keating is entering her junior year at Towson University majoring in exercise science. After starting in all 21 games in 2018, she was named All-CAA First Team and IWLCA Mid-Atlantic Region First Team. She led the CAA with a .474 save percentage and helped tie the school record for wins in a season.

When It Gets Hard, Stick to the Basics

Run tests are over for most, school is back in session, and all the work hits us. Things start to feel more like a grind to get through, stress starts increasing, sleep starts to go out the window, we overcaffeinate to make up for it and just keep going through the cycle of losing sleep and stress until our bodies shut down inevitably leading us to get sick. It’s no surprise that there’s a slew of high schoolers getting sick right now. What I want you to know is there’s a way to make it easier and it involves habits. Developing them isn’t easy, but it will make your life feel like it later on. The habits I’ve developed are essential to everything I do and I think some of them could help you too.