A Coach’s Guide to Goalie Management

A Coach’s Guide to Goalie Management

Deciding who will be your starter is a challenge in itself. What happens though after you’ve made your decision and there is a clear starter? How do you handle that throughout the season? What happens when things aren’t going well?

What about when you have two great goalies? Some coaches would consider it a dream to have two great goalies on their roster, as we know they are hard to come by. Others, however, that have been in the predicament know what a challenge this can be. Maybe one goalie is better at clearing and possessing, while another is good at making hard saves. Maybe one gets in her head and goes downhill quickly, but on her good days, she’s phenomenal. 

How do you handle all of these decisions? Keep reading and I’ll walk you through how to best navigate managing your goalies to make sure they’re all able to play at their best.

Virginia Tech Video -- Where To Go From Here

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just not on Twitter, a video surfaced this weekend of the Virginia Tech women’s lacrosse team singing along to a song that included the n-word. 

My celebratory haze of Stanford beating USC had come to an unfortunate end as I was immediately struck by sadness upon seeing this video. Yet again, here we are, in the same position we were a month or so ago when a similar situation occurred. 

We talk about solutions, like helping more organizations grow the game, so that the game starts to resemble what our world looks like, but is that really the problem here though? I believe that’s a piece of the puzzle.