My Caliversary - What I Learned Living and Coaching in California for a Year

Today is the one year mark of my move to California. It’s been quite a journey thus far, and I’m so excited to continue moving forward in 2019. I learned SO MUCH this year, and thought I’d share some of the big ones with you:

  1. Stepping out of my comfort zone is the most rewarding thing I did and continue to do for myself. I’m reminded of this lesson every time I do it.

  2. We each have the power to create the change we want in our lives. It’s starts with what we do every single day. Each day might not contain a monumental breakthrough, but small changes overtime lead to BIG results. 

  3. In any kind of training or nutrition, QUALITY over quantity. 

  4. Kids today are different, it just is what it is. Not everything that worked for me or the approach I think is best will actually resonate or be best for the kids. I can’t change it, I can only get to know them better and continue to adapt along the way.

  5. Work-life balance is individual, there’s not a perfect balance. What works for me in my life might not work for someone else and vice-versa. The thing is whatever ratio works for you, IT’S OKAY! Everyone is different, and there’s no ONE way to live. 

  6. Even if you enjoy your work, it’s still going to be hard. This year has been great, but it’s also included a lot of challenges…number one obviously being the amount of time spent in LA traffic. What’s important is finding something that makes the hard work worth it. 

  7. My support system is THE BEST, although I already knew that, what I learned is that it's always okay lean on them when needed. Whoever your people are, they want to help you, no matter the day or time. Many times, they’re struggling too and opening up only makes them feel better knowing they aren’t alone. Hard things can only happen with help, and I can’t say thank you enough to the amazing people in my life that help me through them and make this life worth living.

Here’s to many more lessons learned in 2019!