Clearing on the Move! [VIDEO INCLUDED]

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog about how to become more active (click here to read). I am still working on putting that into video format, don't worry! For now, here's a drill you can work on by yourself or with a friend. It's an awesome alternative to doing boring sprints as you can change up the distance you are running. 

Some things to keep in mind while clearing on the run:

  1. NEVER EVER STOP YOUR FEET. Once you stop your feet, you give the attacker running behind you an opportunity to check you.
  2. Run at a diagonal. This keeps the most space between your stick and the attacker.
  3. As I point out in the video, you want to cradle in front to avoid the backcheck. However, you prefer cradling with your stick up then I'd advise working on sprinting, A LOT.