Lesson Learned in My 25th Year

I wanted to share something closer to my birthday, but the sickness put all of that on hold. Last year on my birthday I shared a post where I wrote a letter to my 16 year-old self, that you can read here. I wanted to re-share it, along with the biggest lesson I learned this year.

Turning 26 doesn’t all of a sudden make me a life expert, but each year you learn more about how life works and what exactly you want to do in it. The most important thing I learned this year is not to let fear get in the way of pursuing what I want or what my gut is telling me to do.

If I would’ve listened to all the fears in my head, I would be sitting at my house in Baltimore just wishing it was the weekend so that I could coach. For the longest time, I kept telling myself these made up stories about it not working out, worried I would be making the wrong decision. Now here I am, excited to wake up and coach every day, and love living in California (despite the traffic).

If listened to my fear, I would’ve never written half the blogs I did, or put out the videos, which allowed me to help and connect with so many people. 

If I listened to my fear, I never would’ve walked into Sports Academy and asked if they had an internship program. Now, I get to interact with professional athletes every day and learn from the best trainers that work with them. All I did was have enough courage to ask, and if you never ask for what you want the answer is always no. 

I challenge you to do something you’re afraid of, even if it’s a small thing, because when you push yourselves into uncomfortable situations the less scary the next one seems. I know it's not easy, believe me, but once you push past it I guarantee you'll be happy you did no matter the outcome. 

My fear I’m going to conquer next in this 26th year is this public speaking thing, so yes I’m putting myself out there and forcing myself to do it because that’s the only way it’s going to get better. This means more videos too because like I said, practice makes perfect! :) Shoot me a message for videos you'd be interested in seeing! I'm going to start out with a Q&A so send me all the questions!