Most Viewed Content of 2017

It's been quite a year for me launching this site, and seeing the growth of people following my content along the way. Thank you for reading, and allowing me to share so many aspects of my life. The support every step of the way has been incredible. I've heard from many that they could relate to my writing in some way or that my posts have helped them, and that means the world to me. It's why I keep writing and posting what I do. Apologies for the lack of blogs this month, I've been mostly focused on spending time with family before I make the move in 6 days! Much more to come in 2018!

Below you'll find links for my most watched YouTube videos and most read blogs. If you missed them, check it out, if you want to take a look again feel free. As always, if there is anything you'd be curious to hear about, or general questions you have, shoot me a message on my homepage or email me at 


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