LM Lax Training Year 1 & Update!

Wow! Today marks the anniversary of the launch of LM Lax Training, when I shared my story and what I could provide. A year later, I’ve been able to do goalie clinics, individual sessions, help goalies virtually on their game. Two of the goalies I work with committed to Division I schools, and I know the others will be college bound if they keep working hard! If you missed my blog on the most viewed content in 2017 you won't want to miss it! This next year I’m excited to do much more and help more people in the process!

I have now been in California for a week, and it has been insane to say the least. Don't worry though, I did make it to the beach and watched the amazing sunset one day! The day after I landed, I jumped right in, going to the high school I’ll be coaching at and meeting some of the players. The next two days I attended a Lacrosse Masters camp, where I met more of my players and was also able to see my Stanford Head Coach Amy Bokker who was very surprised to see me. Haha! It was a ton of fun, and great experience to learn from some very talented coaches and get back out on the field. 

My days after were spent just trying to coordinate all of my schedules between being a head coach for Westlake High School, head coach of a middle school Dragons team, running speed and agility training for Fire Lacrosse, overseeing the Westlake youth program, and goalie coaching when I can. There was a lot to iron out but I finally have it all figured out. Almost every night this week I’ve been coaching, and headed to do more tonight! 

I almost had my room all together, when my car came yesterday and totally turned it around with needing more hangers and organizers, and of course COFFEE! I’m so close to being done, just have to get to actually hanging the clothes up, oops! At least my mom will be happy she doesn’t have to see the mess haha!

As I said, I’m working on some exciting things when I have free time, like new certifications, more blogs, ebooks, drills, and always more tips and tricks for parents, coaches, and players to expand their knowledge about the sport and position! Once I receive my LLC status in California, I'll be able to put more resources out. Until that happens and I'm done perfecting (of course) the content, don't miss all the great content that's out there now between the blog, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have, I’m here to help any way I can. Appreciate all the well wishes on my new journey and thank you for following along!

The season will be here before you know it! Keep up all the hard work!